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Missing some toys? No problem! We will find it :)

One of the most common things for us is finding objects. One of our ways to work is moving furniture around to clean behind. If you are home during a cleaning day you might think we are redecorating your home, not really! But you will get a new home for sure. We just have to move whatever we can in order to remove most of the dust as possible, and we end up helping our clients finding their lost belongings.

Objects like remote controls, car keys, jewelry, money (yes! Money!), tons of elastic hair ties and the most common are TOYS, those are some of the examples. Kids are great to make sure you will never find them. But they are there! Behind couches, under tv stands, beds, between the cushions, etc.

There is nothing to be ashamed of that, I'm a mom of 3 boys and I can totally relate. We moms are always busy taking care of whats more valuable to us, "our families" and what we most desire is to find that someone that could really help us and not just pretend is helping. In all my years of cleaning experience I not just learned how to listen to my clients but how to understand their most needs. And this was my greater finding which makes this business a very rewarding one.

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