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Which types of payment we take?

We take checks, cash and electronic payment such as PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay or Bank Transfer. Payments are due upon service is completed. First time cleanings we request a deposit of $100 prior scheduled service which will be credit towards the total amount.

Who will be working in my house?

We work as two or three at a time. Usually it will be always the same ladies every week. Changes are always notified in advance. 

Our team is very well selected. We don't take employees without reference of close people we already know. Qualification requirements are hard working, respectful, trustworthy, loyal, reliable and more than anything HAPPY to be part of our team. 

If I cancel a current service do I have to pay for it?

No! We only request that you cancel 48hrs prior your schedule time so we can plan better our week. Cancelations with less than 48hrs for regular clients we require a minimal of $25 extra payment on the next current cleaning as will take longer than the usual cleaning. For our first cleanings we won't refund the deposit if is canceled with less than 48hrs, although if there is a request of change of day the appointment we will still consider to credit the deposit towards the service.

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